testimonials_clip_image002As a physician and a surgeon, I am concerned about the health of my patients, family and friends. When I was introduced to the inLife alternative smoking device, I was instantly impressed, and found, what I believe to be the answer to a common problem. Here is a product that can replace tobacco smoking with an alternative that makes sense. The product delivers a desired level of nicotine, water vapor, flavor and Propylene Glycol through a water mist that looks, feels and tastes very much like tobacco smoke. The vapor is absorbed through either the mouth or lungs and when exhaled, simply evaporates into thin air. No second hand smoke, no combustible, no known cancer causing agents, or any other harmful chemicals that are so common to cigarettes. The user is technically free to use it most anywhere. While it is true that nicotine is not for everyone (certain conditions demand that nicotine must be avoided) it is also addictive. However, the availability of this great product returns one's freedom to enjoy choices once again. - Dr. Arnold Shinder

Pasted Graphic 4I just want to tell you how great InLife product are. When I first started using them I was impressed. The more I used my InLife Elite, the more I was disgusted by real cigarettes. Prior to being introduced to the InLife Elite, I was about a pack a day smoker. Since I started using the InLife Elite, I now smoke about 1 cigarette a day. Even with that, I still put it out about half way through. One day I was without my Elite and was having a craving, so I smoked a real cigarette. I was totally grossed out by the smell and the taste. I'm glad to say, and I thought I'd never say this, but I Love my InLife Elite more than cigarettes. Now that's a good habit to have compared to cigarette smoking, as far as I'm concerned . Thank you so much for such a wonderful alternative to the cancer laden cigarettes I've been smoking for 24 years. In fact, I have been telling everyone that I care about and anyone I see smoking about this wonderful alternative to traditional cigarettes. In doing so, I have already introduced HUNDREDS of people to the alternative smoking device. The best part is that I get compensated for that and am able to be financially rewarded at the same time. What a great deal!! I am so thankful to be a part of INLIFE! - Paul Sloman

Pasted Graphic 1I have been actively involved with InLife for several months now. People on my team are as excited as I am! I have NEVER seen a product like InLife in my life!! Being in the Entertainment Industry, I see first hand how many people are smoking. That is precisely what makes this product so life changing. How many products do you know of that you can take almost anywhere, demo it... and have people instantly curious about it. That is what happened to me! I believe in InLife's mission of giving people an alternative to smoking. I believe that InLife is a "light" in a VERY dark world. There is hope out there for smokers... there is hope out there for those that are struggling financially.....there is something out there that I can be a part of and make a difference in the lives of those I care about... That hope.. that something... is INLIFE!!! - Ray Reynolds

inLife products have not been certified by the Food and Drug Administration or the Office of the Surgeon General to be used for smoking cessation purposes. To purchase inLife products or sign up a distributor, you must be the legal age of smoking in your state or older